Become an Organizational Member

Your organization can become an Organizational Member* of CLEAR and support fair & equal financial options for LGBTQ communities.

Benefits of Organizational Membership

  1. All individual members or employees of the organization receive a complimentary CLEAR membership (without paying the usual $10.00 application fee).
  2. Inclusion in CLEAR’s lists of Organizational Members on its website, in print media, press releases.
  3. Logo placement on CLEAR’s website and in marketing materials to advertise the Organization’s support for CLEAR and its mission.
  4. Inclusion in CLEAR mailings to Organizational Members (i.e. mailing lists and outreach from CLEAR personnel) regarding news and opportunities from CLEAR, or its partners, that may be useful to the Organization.

Membership Eligibility

To become an Organizational Member of CLEAR, an organization must:

  1. Affirm their support for CLEAR’s mission and vision.
  2. Pay a Membership Application Fee (based on organization size)
  3. Complete a Memorandum of Understanding between CLEAR and the applicant organization.

* Organizational Members are “nonvoting” or “associate” members under the meaning of California law, and do not recieve the same voting rights and privileges to vote for directors and as human persons receive as CLEAR Members.

Apply Now

Use this form to submit your information and a CLEAR staff-member will follow up with you to complete your membership application.

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