LGBTQ-Owned Small Businesses
Read our first-of-its-kind report about the financial health and financing needs of small businesses that are owned by LGBTQ+ people.
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Tell the House: Support Name Change Equity in Credit Reporting
The Credit Reporting Accuracy After a Legal Name Change Act (H.R. 8478) will prohibit the disclosure of trans and nonbinary folks deadnames in credit reports, and improve accuracy in credit reporting. Tell the house: pass H.R. 8478 now!
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LGBTQ+ Credit Reports & Scores
Learn more about our research and advocacy about credit report and scoring challenges for LGBTQ+ consumers and communities.
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Shut Down & Shut Out
Read our eye opening report about the exclusion of sex workers and adult professionals by banks and online payment companies.
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Tell the Senate: Pass the Equality Act NOW!
The Equality Act will prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. Tell your Senators we need the Equality Act now!
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The LGBTQ Wealth Gap

Despite marketing myths, LGBTQ households and communities suffer from a Wealth Gap as compared to heterosexual and cisgender peers.

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The Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research provides access to LGBTQ-affirming financial workshops, counseling, and self-help resources that LGBTQ consumers, families, and communities can

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CLEAR produces research & reporting about the economic well-being and financial capacities of LGBTQ consumers, families, businesses, nonprofits and communities, so public and public solutions

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Career Resources Because of the connection between your career and your financial well-being, CLEAR has created these free resources to help you on your personal

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