Superbia Credit Union

CLEAR is the field-of-membership sponsor organization for Superbia Credit Union, a new credit union that will offer will offer its members an LGBTQ competent and affirming banking, credit, and customer experience.

CLEAR members nationwide will be eligible to obtain a credit union membership with Superbia CU and access to its LGBTQ-affirming products and services starting in 2020.

LGBTQ-affirming Banking Services

Superbia will address current marketplace gaps by offering consumers anywhere in the U.S. access to fairly-priced banking and credit products that are LGBTQ competent and affirming.

  • Checking & Savings: Members can access funds 24/7 online, over-the-phone, or at CU-partner branch locations.
  • Mortgages & Auto Loans: Accessible & affordable secured loans will promote LGBTQ home & asset ownership.
  • Personal Loans & Credit Cards: Affordable loans and credit cards will help get necessities, buy assets, & build credit.
  • Business Accounts & Loans: LGBTQ organizations can contribute to, and tap into, community capital using business accounts.
  • Retirement Accounts: IRAs will help LGBT consumers stay financially secure in their retirement and golden years.
  • Client & Customer Services: Competent staff & professionals will provide customers an LGBTQ-affirming financial experience.

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Key Benefits & Impact

LGBTQ-competent services at Superbia CU will provide several benefits to LGBTQ consumers, organizations, and communities.

Fair & Informed Financial Service

Credit union values of community ownership, member financial empowerment, and creating a member-focused banking experience will enable Superbia CU to surpass other mainstream banks and credit unions in the competence, understanding, and quality of service that it provides to LGBTQ households, organizations, and communities.

Increased LGBTQ Financial & Housing Security

Access to a trustworthy financial partner will allow unbanked and underbanked LGBTQ consumers to build initial savings and achieve more financial security. Fair and affordable mortgages and property loans will empower LGBTQ consumers and businesses to buy homes and commercial properties so that they can create safe places that they, their family, and friends can call home.

Lower Interest, More Savings, Better Credit

At Superbia CU, LGBTQ customers are assured to receive fair approval odds and a fair interest rate on loans they receive, like credit cards, personal loans, and payday advances. With access to more affordable loans, more LGBTQ customers will be able to buy needed goods, invest in assets, and manage and build their credit for future opportunities.

Growing LGBTQ Wealth

Superbia CU will help LGBTQ households, businesses, and communities to share, grow, and keep wealth within the family of members by using community savings to invest back into LGBTQ households, businesses, and communities, and returning the profits to the members in service, interest, and new investment.

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