Financial Counseling

At the Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research, you can access certified financial counselors that can help you create a clear picture of your finances and credit and make a plan of action to achieve your debt, credit, or financial goals.

CLEAR counselors are LGBTQ-competent and affirming: they understand the diverse experiences and economic concerns that exist for LGBTQ people, and how to create financial strategies that can work for all kinds of households and families to achieve financial success.

What is financial counseling?

What can a financial counselor help with?

A financial counselor can help:

  • Create a picture of your financial situation.
  • Demystify credit reports, scores, what creditors look for, and how to improve credit.
  • Identify available solutions to solve financial issues such as:
    • Unmanageable bills and missed payments
    • Large debt balances
    • Loans in default or collections
    • Student loan issues
  • Clarify what options are available to help achieve your financial goals such as:
    • Creating savings
    • Repaying credit cards and loans.
    • Buying a house and affording homeownership expenses.
    • Managing student loan problems
  • Make a spending plan that works for the individual client’s needs, and can help achieve their unique financial goals.
What makes CLEAR counseling LGBTQ-affirming?

At CLEAR, counselors help clients create strategies that work for LGBTQ-specific needs and goals.

  • Savings and spending plans for:
    • Gender confirmation treatments, hormones, and name-change court costs.
    • Parenting expenses such as adoption, IVF, and Surrogacy
    • Managing income and spending in unmarried and polyamorous (3+) partnerships.
  • Understanding benefits and costs to strategies to manage financial obligations and inheritance for unmarried partners, polyamorous partners, and “chosen family.”
  • Referral to LGBTQ competent and friendly professionals for clients with specific financial needs:
    • Family law and estate professionals.
    • CFPs and CFAs for investment and financial advice.

Get a Free Consultation

See if financial counseling is right for you by scheduling a free 15-minute introductory consultation with a counselor. All calls are kept confidential, and there is no cost or commitment to you in the future.