The Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research (CLEAR) is a 501(c)4 not-for-profit social welfare organization organized for public purposes, which is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


CLEAR’s mission is to empower LGBTQ households, organizations, and communities with fair and equal access to LGBTQ-affirming financial education and services to meet under-served LGBTQ financial needs and help LGBTQ communities achieve their unique economic goals. CLEAR effectuates its goals through:

  1. Empowering LGBTQ households, organizations, and communities through outreach, research, education and advocacy;
  2. Conducting studies and research to assess and report upon economic well-being, pressures, needs and opportunities for LGBTQ communities;
  3. Advocating for increased fairness, equality, inclusion and opportunity for LGBTQ persons and organizations in the economy; and
  4. Creating awareness of, and access to, LGBTQ-competent and affirming financial education, services, strategies, and products to better serve under-served LGBTQ financial needs and help LGBTQ communities pursue and achieve their distinctive economic goals.


CLEAR’s vision is a world where consumers, entrepreneurs, and communities of all sexualities and gender-identities benefit from fair and equal opportunities in the economy, including LGBTQ competent and affirming services, products, insurance, and investment which can empower LGBTQ consumers, businesses, and communities to achieve their distinctive goals and to thrive.


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CLEAR  works with a variety of LGBTQ-inclusive businesses, nonprofits, and community groups to create our forward-thinking financial research, services, and advocacy.

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