Consumer Education

The Center for LGBTQ Economic Advancement & Research provides access to LGBTQ-affirming financial workshopscounseling, and self-help resources that LGBTQ consumers, families, and communities can use to understand the financial options available to them so they can meet their unique financial needs and goals.

Building LGBTQ Financial Capacity

In addition to its own services, CLEAR  provides operational and logistical support to efforts that build LGBTQ consumers, families, & communities access to more fair and equal services in the economy. 

Research & Reporting

CLEAR produces research & reporting about the economic well-being and financial capacities of LGBTQ consumers, families, businesses, nonprofits and communities.

Advocacy & Organizing

CLEAR advocates for fair treatment for LGBTQ consumers by firms, policy-leaders, and decision-makers for and LGBTQ communities’ equal inclusion and ability to access and benefit from economic opportunities and solutions offered in the private and public sectors.

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