Organizational Membership

Join CLEAR as an Organization

Join CLEAR today and become a member of our coalition of organizations advancing economic equality for LGBTQ communities!


To become an Organizational Member of CLEAR, an organization must:

  1. Affirm their support for CLEAR’s mission and vision.
  2. Pay a One-Time Fee (based on Membership size)
  1. Shout out by CLEAR on our blog and in our newsletter upon joining!
  2. Logo placement on our website and in marketing materials to advertise your support for a fair & equal economy for all.
  3. Inclusion in our lists of Members and supporters to policymakers, business leaders, donors, and other stakeholders.
  4. Complimentary individual Lifetime CLEAR Memberships for your organization’s staff, members, and stakeholders (based on Membership size).

CLEAR Organizational Memberships

[pmpro_advanced_levels levels=”3,4,5,6″ layout=”compare_table” compare=”Individual CLEAR Memberships*,15 Memberships,75 Memberships,150 Memberships,750 Memberships;Blog and Newsletter Shout Out,1,1,1,1;Logo Placement on Website,1,1,1,1;Inclusion in List of Members,1,1,1,1;Post Jobs on CLEAR Jobs Board,1,1,1,1″ description=”true” checkout_button=”Join Now” price=”full” back_link=”false” template=”genesis”]

*Additional Individual CLEAR memberships for 5.00/Membership.

Nonprofits & Community Groups

CLEAR offers qualifying nonprofits and community organizations reduced price, or free, organizational memberships.

Interested in joining our coalition of organizations for LGBTQ Financial Equality? Contact us.

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