Tell Congress to #FightLGBTQPoverty in COVID Recovery Legislation

Tell Congress to #FightLGBTQPoverty in COVID Recovery Legislation

Take action and call on Congress to enact comprehensive solutions to the intersecting crises of public health, housing, economic uncertainty, and racial injustice that afflict LGBTQ people in the COVID-19 recovery bills, and to invest in infrastructure priorities that can help LGBTQ communities build back better, including:

  • Supporting LGBTQ families
  • Advancing LGBTQ inclusive nondiscrimination protections
  • Investing in LGBTQ small businesses
  • Investing in home and community-based services
  • Investing in LGBTQ workers
  • Enacting LGBTQ inclusive paid family and medical leave
  • Expanding affordable housing and homeownership opportunities
  • Investing in LGBTQ data collection
  • Expanding digital infrastructure
  • Raising revenues through progressive tax policies

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