CLEAR’s Statement on Supreme Court’s Dobbs Decision

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Dobbs is a dangerous assault on the right of bodily autonomy for people who can become pregnant.

The consequences of Dobbs will lead to health and economic harms that will severely impact those who are most vulnerable, and have dire consequences for low-income communities across the United States. While those with means will be able to travel to receive the reproductive healthcare they need, those without means will be forced to shoulder the material and emotional costs of pregnancy and childbirth. Communities of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+ people, and working class people of all backgrounds will suffer in this post-Roe America.

The assault on the 14th amendment that the Court’s conservative majority is waging will not end with abortion. In his concurrence, Justice Thomas has made it obvious that contraception, sexual liberty and privacy, and even the right to marry are all targets for reversal. The conservative majority is intent on waging a campaign to roll back every civil rights victory under the due process clause, and return America to a pre-1950s political landscape.

We will not go back. This decision should be a wake-up call to Americans throughout this country. We must use every tool we have to protect the advances in civil rights we have won the last century—because those gains, small as they have been, are still vulnerable to being taken away by bigots. We must rally, organize, build coalitions, and most importantly vote. Together we will win back the right to choose—and more.

CLEAR joins with pro-choice advocates nationwide in calling on Congress and the President to act to guarantee a person’s right to an abortion everywhere in the country. We will fight with every ounce of strength and every power we posses to protect every American’s right to reproductive medicine and bodily autonomy.